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The European Cosplay Academy

This month I went to Vilnius Lithuania to take part in the European Cosplay Academy (ECA)! While there, myself and a group of amazingly talented cosplayers from all over Europe taught each other fundamental cosplay skills from construction methods for fabric costumes and armour to performance and skit techniques to create engaging competition acts.

The classes were filled with so much useful information I wanted to compile it all in one place, a blog series showcasing the fundamental skills of cosplay . Though I'm sure this has been done before (shoutout to Kamui!) I want to use some of the copious amounts of notes I took at the European Cosplay academy to add different perspectives and techniques from a variety of different cosplayers from many different places.

Before I get into all of that in the next post I want to tell you guys about ECA!

The countries involved were Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, the UK and Lithuania (shoutout to my ECA homies who may or may not be reading this), each with a team of 4 participants and one team leader. Each team had their own day to teach classes on whatever aspect of cosplay they liked; everything from performances and skits to armour and props. In the middle of the trip we attended nowJapan, the largest Japanese culture festival in the Baltic region, where some of the ECA participants entered the cosplay competition. I'll be doing an entire write up of the convention in a separate post.

That's all for this brief introduction before I get into the individual lessons and of course the convention! For now here are some of the photos of the experience, taken by our team leader Kenny Cosplay Stuff of CosXPo.

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